Sunday, 06 December, 2020

Crisis in Venezuela| News Summary

How Venezuela Fell From the Richest Country in South America

The week ending was marked by the worsening crisis in Venezuela. On Tuesday, opposition leader Juan Guaidó announced a military uprising to topple Nicolás Maduro. The initiative did not succeed. Guaidó appeared in a video alongside military personnel at La Carlota Air Force Base in Caracas in the morning. Along with him was Leopoldo López, an opposition leader who was under house arrest since 2017, but had been released by the group of rebels.

Crisis in Venezuela

Now, Crisis in Venezuela are here at Nexo, we show this bold move by Guaidó, and also the reaction of Maduro – who was re-elected president of Venezuela in 2018, but is accused of rigging the elections. Tuesday’s move was an anticipation of what Guaidó had planned to happen on the fourth, May 1st holiday. The opposition movement has failed. We show here what was the Guaidó’s plan, and what happened – or what ended up not happening – in fact in the protests of the 30th and the 1st of May.

In those two days alone, five people were killed in the demonstrations. We also show here the year’s data, presented by local organizations of human rights. The organizations point to more than 50 protesters killed since January in Venezuela. The role of the military, the coups and rebellions, are nothing new in the country. To show this, we retrieved the recent history of Venezuela here at Nexo. In 1992, military paratrooper Hugo Chávez attempted a coup against the then president, Carlos Andrés Pérez. Ten years later, in 2002, it was Chavez – who had been amnested and then elected president – who suffered a blow. In the end, this coup lasted a few days, it ended up being overthrown and Chávez returned to power. Here, in the week was marked by the announcement of a 30% cut in resources from all federal universities in the country. The history of the cut began with three federals: from Brasília, Bahia and Fluminense. Education Minister Abraham Weintraub said he was cutting the budget because there was “Shambles” in these institutions.

Juliana Sayuri showed the context of the minister’s speech and the performance of these universities. The Minister of Justice, Sergio Moro, has two moves to remove powers of your hands. Matheus Pimentel showed here the pressure to remove the former judge of Lava Jato’s portfolio Coaf, which is the body that fights money and financial crimes. The Senator Major Olímpio’s plan, which belongs to Bolsonaro’s party, the PSL  to remove also the public security area of ​​the Ministry of Justice. These and other news you read in Nexo Jornal. We summarize the main news here in the Extracts of the Week.

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