Friday, 27 November, 2020

BNB programs facilitate credit operations for microentrepreneurs

Several activities will take place during the bank’s special microcredit action northeast exhibition and sale of family farming products handicrafts and typical foods were some of them highlighted the space only for the acquisition of loans in the cred amigo and agri-friend aimed at urban entrepreneurs and family farmers valéria, who works as a sacoleira, guarantees a credit of two thousand reais and will use the money to invest in the business I think it is very good even for those wants to learn to grow the building houses a very last opportunity and improved a lot in life after the great friend used this money to improve your business for sure increase right and go well with fred friend other customers also took the opportunity to acquire microcredit and improve your small business por amin today I liked I achieved a lot more by getting the goods or buying more and multiplying I liked it the most, it’s where I think it’s a good help for those who don’t have much resource and if the woman wanted to open it to help you be a matter you work and this is very good the morning of activities was still lively for forró pé de serra [Music] the action has already taken place in other municipalities such as raimundo nonato floriano and parnaíba and on December 11th will be held in peaks representatives of the bank’s microcredit sector stressed about the opportunity for those who want to secure the loan and the benefits of the action to microentrepreneurs and family farmers the entrepreneur who is with his activity is mainly the sector informal who are doing this who need support for an incentive to to run its activity to give that reinforced working capital fixed investment the crediamigo can collaborate that we have the solution o rural microcredit program of the northeastern bank it emerged in 2004 as pilot here in piauí is floriano oeiras and today we have all this success agroamigo program is the largest in latin america today we have over a thousand microcredit agents across the northeast in piauí we have 120 we already have 14 billion invested in northeast in piauí already a billion and five hundred in all these years is the annually we invest 280 million in 60 thousand families of small farmers those who have up to 5,000 reais of apb to work with the chicken hillbilly with listening in pig farming goat fish finally all activities of the small farmer has been 60 thousand families for years to put each family 4 person gives 240 thousand people during the year this year 2018 we wants to beat all records and wants to make 300 million for 65 thousand families small farmers.

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