Sunday, 06 December, 2020


What does a financial planner in life do, what training does she need and a lot of other questions. So, today I will answer all of these questions about financial planner in life for you. I will summarize my life for you to understand, where I was where I am today.


My graduation was in foreign trade, but I always worked with similar things thereby. Always more in the administration area, never foreign trade. I was always very happy with my work. I even thought the idea of the job was cool, but I didn’t identify with anything. Until one day my husband asked me why I didn’t do coaching, a process coaching. I would be the client. I thought it was kind of a delicate way for him to say “Man, go see a psychologist, because you’re pissing me off with your boring jobs”. I said okay, I’m going to cheer and I went. During the process that I was going through as a coaching client. I discovered that me doing coaching training would also be a good thing. I really like listening understand other people’s problems and try to find a solution. I found this experience so valid, I enjoyed so much improving myself in terms of coaching. I ended up doing three different courses in this area. I did the coaching itself, life coaching, right, which has understood the whole life of the person as a big goal. The part that is a specialization showing the positive sides and negatives that our own mind deceives us every day and focused coaching for the finance area.

During the coaching practice, I realized that I tended more to the financial side. It was what made my little heart beat faster. It was what I liked most. So, I started to focus much more on this area of finance, more than on the part of quality of life, which was a dream. I had back there, when I went to do the training coaching, working, adding quality of life and finances.


With that, I looked for a little more concrete formation that would give me a north, that could show me what a real financial planner is. I ended up doing a specialization in the area of financial guidance and planning folks. There are some courses similar to the one I took, focused on the area of planning personal financial. I decided to do one in São Paulo and I live in Curitiba. I went to São Paulo every month of the year. Imagine the job I had. And it is not easy for you to leave your life here to go on a Friday, to arrive on Sunday, super at night at home and have a pile of things to do. I faced it head on and decided to accept this challenge. During this entire year, several subjects were discussed and opened my eyes and drew a lot of attention.

When it comes to finance, it looks very black and white, it looks very: well, you have a hundred account and a hundred money, nothing left. There’s a lot more behind it. So, we were always very deep in the themes. Things like personal values, like family, culture, short, medium and long-term goals term, knowing how to say no and knowing, how to say yes, things like that were what I learned during the whole year and shaped me as a financial planner.

I can guarantee that the math and spreadsheet is the minimum, it is ten percent of what you going to do as a financial planner. I am currently pursuing a specialization in the area of investments and finance. That is just a part, it is a piece of my training. What’s behind are little things that people don’t care about, but that shape you as a financial planner. I have read at least more than thirty books on finance. Both for the personal finance area, as part of investments. I took courses in fundamental analysis of companies, fixed income and real estate funds. I developed my own method of serving my customers, my way of talking to the customer, to deliver the final product and understand what the customer wants. I ended up attending several lectures and classes focused on coaching and entrepreneurship. With all this I felt the need to really be a professional and I ended up opening my company, with CNPJ and everything else that is entitled. Today, I write for big portals on a weekly, biweekly and monthly basis.

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