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Loan with name restriction: Is it possible to get it? Which bank does it? LOAN FOR NEGATIVE

Hello, you who are watching this video, the answer here is yes. It is possible to get a loan even if you have bad credit. You will only have to deviate from high interests and frauds that are popping up on the Internet. My name is Lereno Soares, I am from the financial education area of Juros Baixos. Today you can take a look at our loan guide for those who have bad credit. And six loan options, from the cheapest to the most expensive. This is the chance you have to get your money up to date, pay off your debts and organize your budget. So, without further ado, let’s go… “Low Interest” First thing of all you have to do is just: Make your own budget.

Very simple: how much you earn, how much you spend, what you spend on, It is just a snapshot of your moment, it doesn’t have to be the most perfect budget in the world. It’s just for you to have a sense of where the money is coming and where it is going. When you do it, you will see there are things you didn’t even know where they were going. That’s all, for you to have a notion. It can be done in an Excel or Google spreadsheet, or even on a piece of paper, no problem.

The important thing is you know what is going on with your money. Second thing: Get a proof of income. If you are an employee, it is easy, just take your paycheck or payslip, and that’s OK. If you work informally or as a freelancer, it’s also okay. Just get the bank statement for the last three months. “But my bank account is disorganized or I don’t have a bank account”, things are more difficult, but you can get by. But if you can do that, it gets a lot better.

Third thing: real guarantees. A house, a car, jewelry. If you have some of these things, they will make your loan cheaper, so gather the documents you have about them and this will help you a lot. Fourth thing: How much do you need? This is very important to have in mind along with a very important rule: Installments can’t exceed 1/3 of your income. This is important to you and the banks look at it when deciding whether they will give you the loan or not. So, keep this in mind: will you be able to pay your debt every month and live your life? If the installments have a very high value, prefer to give a decrease in installments by extending the loan to make things more realistic and you actually do what has to be done. Never! I said never. Never make an advance deposit to release a loan. That doesn’t exist, that’s scam, fraud.

I’ll tell you what happens. You see on a site: “Loans to those who have bad credit.” easy, without consultation or You ask the loan and they say: Alright, send the documents. You send the documents and they say: now you’re approved with a derisory interest rate and a huge amount. Just deposit some money in my account… This doesn’t exist. the person will only get your money, disappear and you will not have any loans.

They will tell you that this amount is to pay for a notary’s fee, credit opening fee, guarantor, insurance etc., names that can even exist in reality but you will never have to pay first. What happens in any serious institution is: you apply for the loan, this loan is released the money goes to your account, and all these fees including the interest rate you will pay according to how you are paying the installments. Everything is embedded in the monthly installment. So if you see something very easy on the Internet, be suspicious. It seems too good to be true. Even when you see such a strange thing, send it to us. We are making a compilation of frauds on the Internet. You can comment here or you can even send an email to us But keep this thing in mind and pass it on to your friends.

Never pay an advance fee to release a loan. It’s a trap. And now we’re finally going to the six credit options from the cheapest to the most expensive; and we start with refinancing of real estate or vehicle. “But what is this?” This is a secured loan, you will put a valuable asset as collateral and the bank knows you will not default, because if you default, the bank takes your asset and it’s over.

And that’s why the interest rates are very low. And who can get it? Obviously, whoever has a car, a property or a valuable asset as a guarantee, a detail is that in most places, it has to be paid and legally belongs to you. There are good options for you to do this in the comfort of your home. The three online options we have here in Juros Baixos and we recommend are: Creditas, Bcred and Domus, and you can find all of them in our loan simulator. The link is on the screen. Just click the button and see the description of the video as well. The second option is the lien.

What is this? It is a also a collateralised loan as the previous item, but the collateral is a jewel, an antiquity, an old watch. It obviously serves only to the people that own some of those assets and the option online… This can only be done in an agency of Caixa Econômica Federal. The third option is the payday loan, but what is this? This is a loan whose installments are directly discounted on your salary, Your salary is deposited in your account with the portion of the loan discounted.

It’s as if your salary served as collateral for the loan. So, as the bank knows that you will hardly default, the interest rates are also very low. And who can take this famous payday loan? Retirees, INSS pensioners, public servants especially the federal, military, and private company employees who have an agreement with some bank. This is usually done with bigger companies. And you have to consult HR to see if there is an agreement with a bank.

And the online option we have in our famous Juros Baixos loan simulator is BXblue. And the fourth credit option is microcredit. What is this famous, dear, beloved, beautiful, microcredit? Microcredit is a low-value, low-rate loan to formal and informal microentrepreneurs. You can get up to 15,000 reais in loans with a maximum interest rate of 4% per month. And who can get the wonderful microcredit? You can get microcredit if you are a formal or informal entrepreneur and earns up to 120 thousand reais a year, that is, an average of 10,000 reais per month.

And attention: it is income, what you generate from revenue in your sales, in the provision of service, it is not profit, OK? And it’s so sensational, it’s so wonderful, that we made a special video for microcredit. Click here, there’s a link to our page explaining everything about microcredit. And our online option for microcredit is: none. In the link that I had already sent before, you can find all the options separated by location, To give you some example of big banks, I’ll take a look here on the list.

São Paulo has Itaú, Santander. Rio de Janeiro also Itaú and Santander has a wide range. In the Northeast, we have Avante, Banco do Nordeste through CredAmigo, also big. Santander is also present. And in Rio Grande do Sul, Banrisul. The fifth option is the peer-to-peer (P2P) website. But what are these three letters: P2P? That means from equal to equal. New information technologies are enabling the credit revolution, which is to connect directly investors with those who want to get a loan. How does it work? In this type of website, you register your business, your company describe why you want the loan and wait for investors to see. The interest rate is usually lower, because there is less presence of middlemen on the way. And who can take it? If you are a formal or informal micro entrepreneur or partner in a company. You don’t have to be as small as in the case of microcredit. And the online option: Lohana, show the options on the screen. Here or in anywhere We have: Biva, that is well-known, Nexos, Captamoney Kavod lending, and you can find all these companies on our website.

Sixth option is the emergency loan . You will pay higher interest, what’s this? It is an emergency loan You will pay higher interest, what’s this? It is an emergency loan in which you will get the quick release of the loan, but the interest will be much higher and the amounts will be lower, Generally, it doesn’t need a collateral. Is there any online option? Yes, our simulator online at You will find Simpliq and Money man that can do this service for you. Now, you’re going to take home and keep inn mind two of rules. The first one and a very important rule is: never make an advance deposit to release a loan.

And the second one is: if you are going to get a loan, compare. You will be able to know what is cheap what is expensive and what is good for you. We are in the end, my friends who are watching this video.

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