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Microcredit finances small businesses: How to do it?

Now for the numbers, values, terms and rates Let’s put it on the screen here. Values ​​range from 100 reais to 15 thousand reais four months up to 24 months to pay. Credit opening rate 3% on the entire value of the credit you are taking, and the interest rate it can reach up to a maximum of 4% per month, that is, this gives a maximum of 60% per year but in average interest rate of 2% per month. So that’s it, at most at most will give 4% per month or 60% per year. But because I’m insisting now on that part of interest rate to show that it is cheap. Let’s compare, overdraft on average is about 12 or let me take a look here, yeah, one of 12% per month. The loan non-consigned personnel, for example, are around 7% per month. This on average, microcredit in maximum 4% per month. When you are investing in your business and you have a lot expense there with interest, you will stop buying the equipment, will stop buying the inputs there from day to day.

But who can apply? Anyone who has his own business with revenues of up to 120 thousand reais per year Attention, it’s not profit, it’s billing. That is, everything you collect by selling your goods or rendering their services. Both individuals and legal entities can request but if you have a cnpj, for example, you have opened your MEI this will help. You don’t need to put anything under warranty like a house or car, although there may be such an option and you also don’t need to have a proof of formal income, or payslip or paycheck but if you have a bank statement for the past three months, it can help quite. It is not extremely necessary, but it helps. Stay tuned, watch out! The value of the installment cannot exceed one third of your income. This is important because when it comes to deciding to take out this loan if you have to stretch it a little more payment term, that is, to pay more months for you to have a portion a little lower monthly, it is better to do this than think of a very surreal portion that will consume a very large part your budget and you will get stuck, it will not get to work right.

OK? So think about this rule, the loan installment you cannot exceed one third of your income. A very peculiar thing about microcredit is the possibility of group lending, as sometimes there is no possibility of having no proof of income this can be done through solidarity groups or solidarity guarantee the guarantee it can be done by that means. How does it work? With the participation of 2 to 5 entrepreneurs, loan is the name of the entire group that takes this responsibility for payment, that is, if one does not pay the rest of the group will assume the installment payment. The idea is that everyone help themselves to grow together and, of course, repaying those parcels there. Now I’m going to get my hands dirty for real, let’s go finally. How to do this microcredit? If you there you liked the previous idea and before we take this step even step, subscribe to the channel click on the subscribe button. Give your like and thumbs up here in the video.

And anytime in the middle of the video if you have any questions, comment there that the people are here just to answer the questions the first step is then: gather all the documents you have ok? Usually there you will need rg cpf and proof of residence or if you If you have done MEI, you already had the registered company and then I reinforce, in case you don’t have any of these documents do not worry is it continues anyway together you can put a for example, I don’t have proof of residence Okay, I can fix it. So the important thing is, gather what you have and put it in a folder. Second step: simulate. There is no way to talk about a loan without comparing it first what is cheap or expensive and to do that you can use our simulator here click on the button of this video enter there on there you will be able to simulate several loan options cheaper until the more expensive. Third: now that you’ve seen it all thought about your loan, how much you need, already thought about your business, it’s time to talk to a microcredit agent so if you live in a community or a neighborhood, something that someone already knows there as an agent of microcredit already speaks directly to this person the person already solves it for you already makes this this intermediation with the bank OK? But if you don’t have a microcredit agent, go directly to the bank branch maybe it’s the most annoying part you’ll have to go to an agency but some banks, they already provide direct lines there so it’s worth it you call the bank first to know what to do sometimes just by calling he will send a microcredit agent to you? Only be really careful when you call to see if this is the bank’s phone, stay tuned with fraud, right, if someone asks you for an advance deposit for releasing the loan don’t do that, it’s a scam! Fatal on this side, no microcredit agent will charge money there for iraté your establishment even because it does not there is ok? So, let’s go.

Go to the bank branch or call there and we’ll leave it here a link in the video description also in our post on microcredit that has some phones, some ways of contacting the main banks that make this type of loan. I’ll even leave some names of banks that are famous for making microcredit santander, itaú, onwards that operates more in the northeast, also as the name says through friend credit, banrisul in rio grande do sul also has a strong performance ok? And finally, everything is explained. so what will happen in that part, a microcredit agent he goes to the your work, if you work at home he will visit your home, beauty, your environment and will guide you on hiring the loan So he is all right and the credit is released, within a few days that money will be there in the bank account that you will probably have to create to receive that credit and this microcredit agent he will accompany you and until the end of the loan repayment Now let’s go to some online alternatives and the things I I introduced.

For you to get such low interest rates as for microcredit, there are generally two options you can get online a secured loan or will it be a payroll loan So let’s start with the loan with the collateral property. We recommend Creditas that you can start with a minimum value of 30 thousand reais loan, and longer loan that extends from 10 to 20 years of the payment term of the interest from 1.37% per month very low it has the characteristic of its large loan, that is, you will have to have a very good planning, and you will have to have the prerequisite there a property paid in your name Second option: loan with vehicle in guarantee. We also recommend Creditas the loans there start with 2 thousand real interest rates of 2.2% per month and you can also get it online, the deadlines are also shorter.

It takes one to four years for you to repay the loan. And the third option is a payroll loan, we recommend BXBlue there is also in the loan simulator. They make loans from thousand reais with an interest rate starting at 1.75% per month and payment term ranging from one to eight years so all three options that I gave you, they are online they are there in the loan simulator too and they have interest rates interest rates that are there in the same line as microcredit. And now the end, the last tip of all in case you are thinking ahead I already got a loan, a microcredit but you already have funds and want to pay in advance this can give you a relief in the rate interest rates, just talk to the microcredit agent it will generate a billet for you anticipating the installments and will slaughter proportionally to the interest you will pay.

But then again, attention, no will be bold wanting to anticipate these installments and make this compromise your budget too much. If so, you continue to pay normally. And second valuable tip, after you get paid off your microcredit you can get more often if you see that it was advantageous even for your business And the good news is that this is progressive, the more you get a microcredit more banks will get to know you and the greater the amounts released to you, and the greater the payment term as well, because you start to understand that your business is growing he will have other needs, other demands.

So that’s it, today here in this video we gave a summary on microcredit any questions you have just comment here in our video. And if you have a friend who sometimes have any doubts, any financial difficulties or in the specific case of this video that is starting the business itself shows him that you are it matters that you are connected and tuned in and share this video here with him. Beauty? Any questions you have are just talk to us, take the opportunity to sign up and access our website when you have any questions, and when you want to compare which loan is cheaper than which loan is more expensive Right? Thanks guys, see you next time.

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