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Most day traders make money through a large volume

You do several trades during the day, arrives at the end of the day, can’t you evolve financial? It doesn’t come out at 0, it’s just a little positive. I got a lot of hits, but at the end of the day I can’t make money. ” So, here, I’ll give you 3 rules that if you apply to your operating system, you will already be able to do financial and make a result. Many people make mistakes these rules that I will pass here and they don’t know that.

This is what I’m going to discussing now, is very important in your day trade and it will really help you. It’s practically a business that nobody does, nobody knows these rules. Day trade just doesn’t work for those who don’t know how to do it. If you know how to do it, day trade is highly profitable and totally possible to be done? I do 10 trades in a row positive and then I lose in an operation and takes all my financial. If you follow these rules, that I’m going to put on this board for you now, you will stop doing that. These little rules that I created, are rules for those who already operate a little more. If you do one operation on the day, two, it’s not the profile I operate. If you do more than 10 operations a day, this content is for you.

So, First of all I wanted to start by index that many people know and that we will use here in this rule. What calls Index of Assertiveness. This index is the number of trades that you get right in relation to what you do wrong. So, if you have an assertiveness index 50%, you get half the operations right and you miss half of the operations. An important detail, that many platforms today. they give you an assertiveness rating. Only some of them, she considers her trade from 0 to 0, that is, you enter and leave the same price, it considers it as loss. And I consider it, in my index, as profit.


So, it is very important that you check this on your platform. You can control this in hand or just pick up your report at the end of the day. It in an excel spreadsheet for you to know your real assertiveness index considering operations from 0 to 0, also, as, still profitable, as hits. Why? I consider that if you entered a trade, failed to get out of it in profit and managed to make it 0-0, you are victorious, even paying the fees. No problem. This is the winning mindset in the day trade. So, if you have an assertiveness rate of 70%, that is, you get 70% of the operations right and you miss 30% of the transactions. My assertiveness index, that I’m going to put here, is: 75%. If you take my history of the month is 75%, if you take the year it is 75%, if you take it from the last 3 years it’s 75%. I even posted in my office there, my assertiveness index in the last 2 years: 75%. It varies a little, of course there are different phases that is 70, 65, other days, right, 85, but the average is 75%.

So, it’s like that, an important thing to learn, you have to work your operations to be assertive. Why? If you buy or sell the dollar at any price level. You already have a 50% chance. If you say: “I will buy here and I will put a 5 point stop or I will profit, I will place an exit, a 5-point sales order. It’s a 50% chance you have. It can only fall or rise. It’s a 50% chance, and if you do all the analysis and you cannot increase this rate of assertiveness, it’s because your reading is bad, you need to learn the technical part more.

If you already have this technical part and can get more right than wrong, you have to be above 60%. Ideal is above 70%. 70% is the time, you start making money, 70% upwards. These little rules that I’m going to show you now, if you have an assertiveness rate of 70%, you will do the financial yours, with what I’m going to show you. Well, you know your assertiveness index, you having this notion of your assertiveness index. Calculating it, we’ll get to the second thing I want to tell you which is your minimum Gain by operation. “What do you mean?” A lot of people come in, many traders go into a trade, and plans, for example: “I want to earn 8 points.” and then the operation goes 1 point forward and it’s coming to his side, but he starts to read flow, starts to see a player hitting, BTG hitting 50, to Tullett selling 100, he says: “wow, it’s bad”. Its leave with 1 point, and it does not bring financial. For that, there is an indicator that I use, which is the Minimum Earning Per Operation. This minimum gain per operation, it has a calculation to do, and this calculation is as follows: You will get the value, I’ll go this way, look, Minimum Gain By Operation, MGPO? He is equal 105, value 105, minus your index of assertiveness.

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